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20 Minute Response Time!



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What Services Does CO Locksmith Bellevue Offer?

We specialize in residential, as well as commercial and vehicle lock issues, along with all types of lock security applications. When you find yourself stranded, due to an auto lockout, you’ll have the security that comes with knowing that CO Locksmiths can provide a guaranteed 20 minute response time and we’re open 24/7 to help out, when you need us!

We are a well-established, family-owned business that has been helping Bellevue and other Washington areas with locksmith jobs such as:

  • Master key locking systems
  • Residential, commercial and vehicle lock issues
  • Safe combination locks (of all sizes)Locksmith in Bellevue
  • Biometric, electronic and mechanical locks
  • Lost key problems
  • Broken key problems
  • key cutting service

Our locksmith services are trusted by those who require fast and efficient work that they can depend on. And this is what CO Locksmiths is known for!

Lock Installation Services

One of our most important properties is our homes. Installing reliable locks and security systems is an essential step in keeping your family safe. As such we want to make sure that our homes are as secure as possible. Hence, a homeowner like you should be involved in every step of the way.

Our clients recognize us as one of the most reliable lock installation providers throughout the Bellevue area. Selecting the right locks for your new door is an essential process and one that requires some time and thought. We provide a wide array of locks for you to choose the best one for your property.

Most homeowners conduct their research and also consult professional locksmiths to try and find which locks are the best fit for the doors they have. To help you decide; our locksmiths are experts in every service that we offer. So, if they recommend a product for you, you can bet that it is the best fit for your home.

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Getting locked out of your car can be a very stressful experience, but it is always important to stay calm as improper methods of opening your vehicle may harm it. There is a vast array of tools that auto locksmiths use to open a car that has the keys locked inside the car, broken in a lock, or just lost.

Our experts have helped thousands of people get out of this situation. You can rest assured that after everything is done, your car will be left scratch and damage free. We offer this service for as low as sixty-five to ninety-five dollars only. So give us a call, and you’re sure to be inside your car in as fast as 30 minutes.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a car, boat, plane, office or home lockout. You can even have a problem in which the key has been broken off in the lock or if the key has been lost or misplaced. We’ll get you back up and running, no matter what lock and key problems that you’re having.


Losing access to your vehicle or property can lose you tons of money. A missing car key can mean losing a big opportunity or, worse, a potential long-term client. A substandard security system can end in thousands of dollars lost due to theft. Luckily, our outstanding and reliable professional locksmiths in Bellevue can help you avoid all these headaches.

Here is a glimpse of the unbelievably affordable prices CO Locksmiths Bellevue offers:

  • Automotive lockout: $65-195
  • Residential lockout: $85-195
  • Business lockout: $85-195
  • Rekey: $18-52 per lock
  • Change locks: $35+
  • Lock repair: $15+
  • Mailbox replacement : $59+
  • Car key replacement: $120+
  • Car key duplication service: $69+
  • Safe lockout: $149+
  • Car key programming: $95+
  • Ignition repair: $129+
  • Ignition replacement : $219+
  • Lock installation : $49+
  • Security systems: $799+

Not bad, right? Compared to the opportunities you’ll lose and headache you’ll experience by trying to fix things on your own, a few bucks is a small price to pay. The prices I mentioned above are subject to change and may depend on the complexity of the system. But don’t worry, we promise not to bill you more than what you expect. So call us now, because locksmith emergencies can happen when you least expect.


Our services are available to dozens of localities within Washington. For 40 years, we have been known to provide for almost all the locksmithing needs of the residents of Bellevue. Our diverse locksmith specialties include both commercial and residential locksmith needs, as well as handling all types of vehicle locksmith jobs, from broken to lost keys. So the next time you find yourself in any lock related issue, remember CO Locksmiths has got your back!

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