20 Minute Response Time!

20 Minute Response Time!



24/7/365 Locksmith in King County & Surrounding Area


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who owns Co Locksmith llc?

Co Locksmith is a family-owned business that has been providing world-class locksmith services for over 40 years.

What are the hours of availability?

Co Locksmith operates 24/7, 365 days a year. We’re always available when you need us!

What is the usual response time?

Co Locksmith guarantees a maximum response time of 20 minutes from the time your call is completed.

What types of locks are you able to work with?

Co Locksmith works with Controlled Access Systems (both electronic and mechanical), Residential, Vehicle (all types) along with Office Security, Keyless Entry, Biometric Entry, all types of combination safes and Many Other Types of Security Systems.

What do I need to do, in the event of a locksmith emergency?

First and foremost, don’t panic! Remember that Co Locksmith offers 24/7 365 day availability with a 20 minute guaranteed response time. We’ll be there to help you with fast and courteous service any time you need us.

What are my best options for getting emergency service?

We suggest that you place our contact number (206-765-8203) on your cell and house phone’s speed dial. This way, you can contact us in the shortest time possible.

Suppose I have a lost or damaged key in an emergency?

Co Locksmith can provide you assistance, even if you have a lost or damaged auto, office or residential key. If your lock is damaged or broken – still, no problem!

Will I spend a lot on an “emergency call”

No. Co Locksmith deals with emergency needs, as part of our main business. We make sure to offer our customers competitive rates, which has helped us build a 40-year family-owned business.

Why should I call a locksmith for car opening/entry?

From a business standpoint, only a qualified locksmith should have the authority to carry car opening devices. Taxi drivers, Tow Truck Drivers, and Police have little or no formal training, in automotive locks or techniques in opening them and may do unnecessary damage.

Should I use a Car Dealership or Locksmith?

No one is more qualified than a locksmith to service your automotive lock needs. You may obtain a substantial savings through a locksmith as opposed to an auto dealership.

In an emergency car lockout situation, how long will I be stranded?

With Co Locksmith, you are guaranteed a 20 minute response time and soon after, you’ll be on your way!

Does Coleman work on any other types of vehicle locks?

Whether it’s cars, trucks, motorcycle, aircraft or any other type of vehicle, Co Locksmith will be there to assist all your vehicle lock issues.

What types of residential lock services does Coleman Locksmith provide?

Co Locksmith provides; home lock out service, broken key extraction, stuck keys, door and window lock installation and repair and other home security issues.

What types of home locks can be serviced?

Co Locksmith can work with any type of home lock, to include; mortise, deadbolts, knob locks, lever handle, cam locks, wall mounted, euro profile, interchangeable core cylinders, jimmy proof deadbolts, rim latch, key in knob cylinders, vending T-handle, furniture locks and other types of home locks.

Can Co Locksmith also work with safes?

Co Locksmith can work with all types of home safes, of any size. Combination locks are no problem.

Are other types of home security systems serviced?

Co Locksmith can service many different types of home security systems. Call us for a free consultation and estimate!

What types of commercial services does Coleman Locksmith provide?

Co Locksmith is known for providing world-class locksmith services, which include; commercial lock installation, restricted and managed key systems, any type of electronic lock servicing.

Why choose Co Locksmith for your office and other business needs?

One of Co Locksmith’s primary goals is to provide the best in courteous, reliable and speedy service. We make sure that your office service is completed with a minimum of interruption to your daily business activities. As a 24/7 operation, we can schedule your appointment at any time of the day or night, to further eliminate any delays in your work schedule.

Does Co Locksmith charge a lot for commercial services?

No. Co Locksmith is known for offering competitive pricing to all of our clients. This has allowed us to build a database of return commercial clientele. Call us for a free estimate and check out our pricing.

What about Commercial Security

Co Locksmith is licensed for your protection. In addition, our 40-year family business is a far better solution to any locksmith company that outsources their calls to independent locksmiths.

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